Tuesday, August 25, 2015

World Building for Dummies part 2

Since writing the first post on World Building, I've done more research on the subject. So, here is what I'm doing now. If you need to do some world building, follow along with me. Okay?

1. Draw Two Circles: This will be your world from the front and from the back. The articles I read said you can make your world a different shape like flat or square or something weird. But I think for this first one we should stick to the normal globe world that we are used to.

2. Decide How Many Suns/Moons You Need: I wasn't a good student in school when it came to science, so this part gave me a bit of a headache. The thing I read said you need to keep in mind that a moon pulls on the ocean, creates tides. If you have no moon, you probably won't have tides. If you have more than one moon, you probably have erratic tides. So you need to ask yourself what sort of tides you need. That is, if your world even has an ocean.

The sun will affect your world's climate. Is it hot? Is it cold? Does your world revolve around the sun? 

You see, I told you, headache time.

3. Draw Land Masses on Your World: I decided to keep it simple. I'm only doing one large continent on my world. However, I am putting two smaller ones at each pole (North and South).

If you are going to have mountains, meadows, forests, this is a good time to put them in.

4. Add Bodies of Water: Does your world have an ocean? Rivers? Lakes?

In my research, I found out that rivers usually start in the mountains, so if you have a mountain range, put the start of your river up there. Then the river flows to the lowest point and dumps into the ocean (if you have one). Along the way, it might make a lake or have several offshoots that become small creeks. Does you world have dams to keep areas from flooding? Something to keep in mind.

5. Where Do the People Live? This is a good time to ask yourself where your people are going to live. Are they in cities, towns, villages, kingdoms? Do they all live together or separately? Are there different races in your world?

World Building part 3 coming soon.

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